The Epic Spray Tan Journey - advocating the dangers of uv tanning beds

Tanning Cabana was established 2008 as a traditional salon with uv tanning beds. Its founder always fixated on sunless airbrush spray tans with their simplicity of one and done sessions. In 2013, Tanning Cabana's mother was diagnosed with melanoma for the sixth time. Yes, it can happen to you too. At that point we started our journey to a full sunless salon. In 2016, we removed all our tanning beds completely. This was upsetting to many of our dearest clients, in response we brought in the most sought after spray tan booth on the market. Making Tanning Cabana Bemidji's first sunless only tanning salon. 

Advocating melanoma awareness, Tanning Cabana also introduced the Sunless Union: a specialty guild and affordable sunless airbrush spray tan answer. Anonymously uniting our clients in the mission of advocating uv tanning bed dangers, while maintaining fabulous radiance.

In August 2016, our founder made the decision that Bemidji, Minnesota was not going to be enough to get her message across about the dangers of uv tanning beds. Noticing that there was a big open spot on the Google map of downtown Minneapolis where sunless tans were not available. She made the voyage to the glass castles of Minneapolis and St Paul.  Her specialty is metropolitan: living, breathing, serving the individuals with a pace that could keep up with her triathlon training. Along side the big move, she found two new protege to continue beating the drum of the dangers of uv tanning beds in Bemidji. Zoe & Taylor  are great artists and as compelled with the same thoughtful vigilant attitude our master airbrush artist.  She has never used a tanning bed, something we think is pure magic. 

Creating our signature lasting tan is fun, fast, offers results unobtainable from tanning beds, allows for customized tone, and is organic. Instead of visiting a tanning bed again and again waiting for results, visit your Tanning Cabana airbrush artist or booth once leaving the salon with instant dramatic results. When we choose what we use in our salon we know it has to perform better than a tanning bed. Tanning Cabana's by artist applied airbrush spray tans boast an average of 14 days before beautifully fading. As a former traditional tanning salon salon with tanning beds, we took into account the tanning industries leading country, Australia. Australia has banned all tanning beds, joining them, we eliminated them for your safety.  Sunless is all we offer with expert level education and advice. We deeply care about your tan. Tanning Cabana, Minnesota's most thoughtful tan.



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