Bridal Sprays : How to….


Minnesota weddings can be stressful…. eliminate all variables with exception to weather.

We mention the first two as they both can make you cry. There is no crying in spray tan or in the white dress with the makeup and hair on. Breath, let go of anything unnecessary to the process. Remember, joyful is a choice and all signs point to yes. If you need a reality check, count your blessings :  I am getting married today to my best friend.


Event Coordination

From the start of planning to the day of the event, if you do not have a wedding planner this is the first thing to take care of. If you have a wedding planner, it doesn’t hurt to check in with them periodically to make sure all vendors, guests, and individuals surrounding the wedding are in all in and ready to roll. Consider variables like what might happen to the ice sculpture, what if it rains, bigger question what if it snows. If the event coordination brings up stress – remember at the end of the day, it’s about two people in love.

The Bridal Party Minnesota_bridal_spraytan

When choosing your bridal party think of how they have been in the past. Is anyone chronically late? Should you tell them a different time as to make them early rather than late? Yes. Also keep cost in mind when planning. Regardless of if you are marrying the king of the world, everyone likes to save money. So talk to your bridal party, find group-ons and deals for bigger groups. We offer free tanning for the bride with a party of three or more! This inclusion within the process will strengthen the bond within your party. On the day of, remember as the bride, this is your show and the show must go on. Do not, I repeat, do not stress over someone else being late or not showing up. Your relationship with them is not over and there are many details you have no control over. Focus on being present and how fabulous this day is for you – regardless of anything or anyone else.

Your dress, beauty treatments, the spray tan.

When choosing your dress consider using the toilet in it, wearing it for more than four hours, and if it is a Minnesota wedding what will it look like with a jacket….Did you get a jacket?

If you have never had a particular treatment, do not wait until the event to try it. Try it a few weeks or even months before. This way your spray tan will be perfect, your nail length will be manageable, and you will know if that updo will hold throughout the hot humid summer day!

The month before the event give your bridesmaids a call about possible group beauty treatments. If someone doesn’t get back to you about it move on. If they are the clincher in the group (as in you need one more party to get the deal) book it anyway and bring someone else the day of if you need be. Cost is a big factor for people and sometimes they just won’t be able to jump on board, help them out or bring another person to take their place. Don’t think that one individual is the end of the world. Marriage is a celebration of love between two people, we hope that that love radiates into your other relationships with those celebrating with you.

Below is a timeline of beauty treatments including airbrush tanning- some procedures are flexible, while others – not so much. Please ask your beauty professionals as each stylist or artist may have a different time line or way of getting the best results.

The bridal beauty timeline


  1. Hair color or perm: this process takes time and can be scheduled days ahead of time if needed.
  2. Haircut : this is quick and easy but choosing what you want can take time, remember to trim small lengths and more can be cut if you desire. It’s easy to cut off and very hard to grow or extension back.
  3. Waxing: body and face waxing lasts some time, so if you can schedule it about 4-5 days before the wedding chances are the inflammation associated with it will go down and will look and feel better the day of the wedding. This process also needs to be done before spray tanning 🙂
  4. Lashes: lashes need to be done before a spray tan but can be done almost anytime as they last for quite some time. No more than 7 days before to insure a fresh full luscious set.
  5. Manicure / Pedicure: nails should be done the day before spray tan to get the entire treatment of a manicure or pedicure. Your nail tech will soak your hands and feet to make your cuticles softer for the process. As we know water is the mortal enemy of a spray tan. Also getting it done before coats the nails, protecting them from spray tan solution from soaking in.
  6. Spray Tan: should always be your last beauty procedure. If your event is on Saturday, plan for a Thursday night tan. Wake up and shower on Friday and be gorgeously tan for the grooms dinner. Planning for Thursday spray tan also gives you a small window to fix anything, heaven forbid you sit on a wet lawn chair with a glass of wine after your spray tan.

For your hair and makeup appointments the day of pack a button up shirt for you and inform your bridesmaids to do the same. Button down shirts don’t go over your head, saving your fabulous hair styling! Hair and makeup appointments for the day of are great if you can find stylists and artists to come out on site. It makes all the difference in your stress level.

Massage and other spa treatments: if you think you need a relaxing moment before the big show, have a glass of champagne. Saving the pampering treatments for after the wedding will save you time for event details as well as give you a bonding experience with your new life partner.

Remember to enjoy your beauty treatments, chances are the stylist or technician loves giving brides the look they desire for one of the most memorable days of their life. If a particular stylist doesn’t seem comfortable with bridal sessions, ask for a referral. Save the stress for you and them.