Sunless Tanning | Save 22.5 hours of your life.


Spray tan saves time. Fact.

Spray tans are so fast, easy, and the healthier option for winter radiance. When we opened our salon in 2008, we were a full service salon with tanning beds. In 2013 our founder’s mother was diagnosed with melanoma for the 6th time in her life, at that point we starting working towards a dream we would read about on the internet - a sunless only tanning salon. In 2016 we actually sent all our tanning beds packing in exchange for the Norvell Auto Revolution sunless spray tan booth. This booth's sessions is 3.5 minutes, faster than even our artist applied spray tans.  It is nothing like the Mystic or Versa Spa, it mimics the application of an artist. Delivering sunless tanning results beyond your wildest dreams.

spray tans save time

How Spray Tan Saves Time.....

If you picture going to a tanning bed, most enjoy a 20 minute session an average of 3 times per week to obtain results close to one of our signature artist applied spray tans. Tack on 10 minutes to get dressed and lotion up. And add another 10 minutes minimum of drive time. Our average tanning bed client in 2013, would tan 3 months of the year. We are guessing December, January, and February.

Let's do some math.

Tanning Beds

20 minutes tanning + 10 minutes prep/dress time + 10 minutes driving =
40 minutes per session
40 minute visits x 3 weekly visits = 120 minutes or 2 hours per week
2 hours per week x 4 weeks per month = 8 hours per month
8 hours per month x 3 months = 24 hours.

Spray tans

15 minutes start to finish including dressing time x 2 monthly visits = 30 minutes monthly
30 minutes per month x 3 months = 90 minutes or 1.5 hours
Oh you want drive time too, that’s another hour of your life in 3 months….
2.5 hours every three months for the same results.


Tanning Cabana Monaya Blends

We think your time and your skin is precious.

Spray tan saves time, no doubt about it. Spray tanning takes less time, with less visits, lasts longer, is much safer for you, and is easier. Not to mention when you step out of that booth with instant results - its pretty gratifying.

And you thought the up front cost of spray tanning was too much - It is your life and your time.

24 hours (tanning bed) - 2.5 hours (spray tan) =

21.5 hours of your life saved for other things including:

Meal prep and planning, your blog, your kids, doing your nails, researching new topics, reading a book, taking a bath, eating food, getting coffee, hanging out with friends, and or just loving your life. If you need a place to lay that hot and feels like a beach - try the sauna, it has some serious health benefits and it doesn’t damage your skin.

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