Wedding Beauty: How To Spray Tan For Brides and Bride’s maids.


Planning your wedding spray tan session can be slightly trickier than your average weekend event. Go figure.

Working around the groom’s dinner, bachelorette parties and bridal showers takes a bit more work. Establishing a preparation timeline will achieve the best results possible. Like the rest of the event it takes proper planning.

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Give us a call with any questions about spray tan. Remember to book your trial spray tan minimum of two weeks before your wedding day session.

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Many people are getting their first spray tan for their wedding…. This is how spray tan works.

The active ingredient in spray tan is a sugar that reacts with an amino acid in your skin. It is not a paint or a dye, once the tan has developed it will only come off as your skin exfoliates off. What you see immediately as a tan in the session, is a bronzer indicator, showing where the solution is covering. Bronzer can rub off, a set tan will not sweat or rub off on a white dress.

Preparation makes for a flawless lasting tan.

When preparing for an event as monumental as a wedding,  brides are getting more treatments than your average weekend out. The most critically timed process is waxing. If you are having waxing done, try to schedule that at least 48 hours in advance. This way the skin can have a day for recovery. Spray tan sessions should always come last in the beauty timeline. While preparing for a bridal spray tan or any spray tan none the less, we recommend exfoliating and shaving 24 hours before.

Remember there is no crying in spray tan. . .

The day of your session, double check in with all your commitments. Check in with the event coordination,  your bridal party, and your life partner before your spray tan session. If there is an issue that is difficult to handle emotionally, you can let it out and be in the safe zone.Wedding are expensive events, planned months and years ahead of time. As airbrush tan artists, we understand events and people can be overwhelming. Water is the mortal enemy of a spray tan, crying can leave your face a mess. Yes, it is possible to fix it. If we can avoid it and save you time for other details, lets do that. Get all the tears out before your session.

Two weeks prior to the bridal spray tan session….

Make sure to let your artist know well ahead of time, this is a bridal spray tan. We ask that you have a trial spray and have a package especially for brides with sessions set for the trial and the day of, and one extra for the groom or the maid of honor. If you are having trouble convincing the groom to spray tan, inform him he only needs to be spray tanned from the torso up. When brides are tan and grooms are not, it is very noticeable in photographs. Click here for a link to Kona Katie’s blog post all about it. When booking bridal appointments ,we give priority time slots and extra time before and after, just in case we have a tag along bridesmaids or the groom wants to tan his upper body to match the bride.

Schedule at least two weeks before the event as to allow for fading time as well as enough time to prep for the wedding day session. In the trial session we will explain how spray tan works, the process, and next day check in to explore any issues you may have encountered with the spray tan. Such as sleeping prayer style (with your hands together under your face), this usually leaves one very light hand, one very dark hand, and sometimes can make a mess of the tan on your face. We almost never have these issues (its happened twice in one thousand tan) but again – let’s deal with them together ahead of time. We have acquired plenty of solutions through our experience.

Clear spray tan solution is a wedding dress’ best friend.

If something happened with your appointment and you need a spray tan the day of the event, do not use any solutions with bronzer. Do not use express solutions with bronzer. Bronzer can residually hold on to skin only to become sweat which can bleed on to your white dress. Ask for clear solution and an experienced airbrush artist. Clear solution is tricky as it does not contain bronzer indicator. This calls for a systematic application to assure that everything is covered and not over saturated. The tan comes on over time subtly.

Bridal spray tans are just like any other event yet we seem to take more details into account when its going to be one of the milestones of our life. This scrutiny of the very minor details is usually what brings us to problems. Remember to relax, its about love. It’s you and yours celebrating the love that will be that day and forever more into the future.